What Is Photo Bits 001
It is a guide with 30 cards in a premium handmade box, where each card teaches you a technique of photo composition.

All cards are printed on 200 gram paper with matte Premium 2-sided lamination for flexibility, durability and light weight, so you always have them with you.

ONLY 500 copies will be available!

What does each card contain?
Each card contains the description of the composition rule, what photographic benefits you will get if you learn it, a PRO TIP that you must remember, 3-4 examples with photos and information for each example, as well as photographic ideas / missions that you can do for practice . Finally you will find some questions to evaluate how you did.

How much it costs;
Good question. The normal cost is 50.00€, but you can do it PRE-ORDER for a few days at a special price and with additional benefits, only with 34.99€


The additional benefits are:

  • You get the composition guide at a discount (from 50.00€ only with 34.99€)
  • -50% discount on all Preset Tools products for your next order

When can I receive my guide?
We usually ship each guide within 24 hours from the moment we receive a payment. For Europe orders usually take from 5 to 7 work days to reach their owners. For USA please allow from 7 to 15 working days.

Digital PDF editions / versions of our guides are immediately available as an instant download after a payment is completed.

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