Preset Tools 014 – Elegant Warmth


Create amazing portraits and wedding photos with warm and inviting colors. This Lightroom Presets pack contains 25 hand crafted looks that are inspired by the warm Autumn colors, all fully customizable to match your creative vision. Ideal for portrait and wedding photographers.

Beautifully edited photos without the hustle.

Discover 25 handcrafted autumn inspired Lightroom Presets for amazing warm portrait and wedding photos 

Our new collection of Lightroom Presets is ideal for warm, inviting and professionally color graded wedding and portrait sessions.   

Speed up your workflow, save hours of editing and get great results literally in minutes. 

All Lightroom Presets in this pack are fully customizable to match your creative vision. Ideal for natural light portrait and wedding photos.  

Find out more in depth details on how our presets can help you elevate your photography below. 


Elegant Warmth is a new Autumn inspired Lightroom Presets pack that will allow you to create warm & inviting portrait and wedding photos, in minutes.

Discover 25 autumn inspired looks that will transform your photos with just one click! Ideal for warm, elegant and inviting portrait and wedding photography. 

This new Lightroom Preset pack contains 25 warm toned elegant looks that your clients will love. Feel inspired to edit again, and create photos that you will be proud of, while saving hours of editing time. 

 We have created these presets with wedding and portrait photographers in mind, meaning they provide excellent skin tones and beautiful warm looks to well light photos.  

Speed up your workflow while maintaining an amazing warm look with 25 versatile, highly customizable Lightroom Presets. Enhance your photos and deliver images that your clients will love. 

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