Lrprs012 – “Filmico” Vintage film portrait & wedding Lightroom presets


Do you love Natural Light outdoor portrais and wedding photos? Then you will fall in love with our new collection of Wedding Lightroom Presets that can transform your photos into elegant and timeless images.  All Lightroom Presets in this pack are fully customizable to match your creative vision. Ideal for natural light portrait and wedding photos. Speed up your workflow, save hours of editing and get great results in minutes.

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Filmico is a Lightroom Presets pack that will give your portrait and wedding photos a romantic, film-like look, in seconds.

Achieve 10 romantic film looks in seconds, with Filmico!

Achieving a contemporary film look in Lightroom can be really hard, and can lead to unnecessary waste of time in experimentation and frustration.

This is why we created this Lightroom Preset pack that will help you achieve the popular elegant film look you are looking for in seconds. The pack comes with 10 Presets that you can customize endlessly for unlimited variations of our base film looks.

Speed up your workflow while maintaining amazing results  with  Filmico. Enhance your photos and deliver images that your clients will love. Also the pack will help you stand out in  the crowded social media space.

These Lightroom presets can be used as an one click editing solution or as a time-saving head-start  in order to expand from there  on, in order to create your own personal stylized look.

These presets are available in the NEW XMP format, meaning that you can use them in both mobile and desktop version of Lightroom, as well as in the old Lightroom Presets format, ensuring maximum compatibility.

Our Lightroom Presets are fully compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.


  • 10 amazing unique portrait and wedding Lightroom Presets
  • Fully customizable total distinct looks for your portrait and wedding photos, for unlimited variations
  • Installation Instructions
  • Both Desktop and Mobile versions included
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