Lrprs008 – “Bronze Dream” warm – earthy portrait & wedding Lightroom presets


This Lightroom Presets pack with your portraits is a match made in heaven! This series has a unique and diverse range of looks for your portraits: from vivid film looks to retro faded looks, all fully customizable to match your creative vision. Ideal for portrait and wedding photographers.


An impressive pack of Lightroom Presets with warm earthy colors that will transform your portrait and wedding photos into welcoming and memorable photos in seconds.

This new Lightroom preset pack offers a wide range of warm tones looks that are fully customizable. With 12 unique and distinct looks warm color looks you can be sure that you can elevate your shots to impressive photos that your clients and followers will love.

With this Lightroom Preset pack you will get amazing  range of styles that you can also tweak to your linking in order to get exactly the look you and your clients are looking for.

These presets are available in the NEW XMP format, meaning that you can use them in both mobile and desktop version of Lightroom, as well as in the old Lightroom Presets format, ensuring maximum compatibility.

Our Lightroom Presets are fully compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.


  • 12 amazing unique portrait and wedding Lightroom Preset sets
  • Fully customizable total distinct looks for your portrait and wedding photos
  • Installation Instructions
  • Both Desktop and Mobile versions included
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