50 original unique poses on photo cards that will give you infinite combinations and posing ideas.

A collection of 50 poses especially for girls who are not models.
Limited set number. Catch yours!

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50 different poses for non-models to take unique portraits, each time!

The biggest problem for a photographer in a portrait session is posing.

Posing a person who is not a model is very difficult and if done in the wrong way can cause stress but also devastating results in a photo shoot. Especially when the person you are photographing is not a model.

We solve the problem once and for all with unique 50 poses, in an easy-to-use card format.

To deal with this problem we have created an easy-to-use guide with 50 unique poses, especially for photographing people who are not models. The poses are specially designed to be easily applicable by any girl.
In addition, your job as a photographer who has to pose becomes even easier, since you can both easily explain each pose and just show the card with the pose you want to photograph.

Our promise

You will never run out of posing ideas. You will never stress again in portrait photography.

I start with 50 poses. Create infinite variations. Make your own posing style.

The 50 poses can be used as they are or be a starting point to build your own “arsenal” of poses. This way you will be able to create your own unique style in a very short time.

Less stress. More remarkable photos

With our posing guide you will be able to take continuous photos without wasting time or worrying about what the next pose will be. In addition, with the help of our guide you will be able to significantly increase the number of successful photos that you can submit in each session.

How to use it

  • Take photos using the poses you will find in the package.
  • Increase the feedback by putting your model to choose 5-10 poses she wants and start with them
  • Make photography a fun experience: have the model choose 5 random poses / cards and take a photo.
  • Combine elements from 2 or more posing cards (eg raising hands from one card and posture from another.)
  • Try variations of the pose by changing 1 thing at a time such as the position of the hands, the position of the head, etc.
  • Try photographing a pose from different angles
  • Photograph the same pose with different focal lengths
  • Try to do a full body pose, three quarters or very close-ups of the face.

50 different poses to create stunning portraits

Get it today and enjoy the following benefits

  • 50 poses ready, always with you
  • You will never run out of posing ideas
  • More successful photos per photo shoot
  • Offer a unique experience for the people you photograph, with easily achievable poses
  • Zero stress. In every photo shoot. Every time.
  • Flexible poses that can give you many variations
  • Endless posing ideas, if you combine elements from 2 or more poses

Get your own posing package today, and start creating stunning portraits.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How many poses does the package contain?

The package contains 50 unique poses.

What form are the poses in?

Each pose is printed on 300 gram paper in the form of a card. The cards come in a handmade custom made box.

Did you take the photos or do you use ready-made photos?

Each pose has been photographed by us, with the same model.

How is the shipment done?

The shipment is made by ELTA Couriers and reaches the hands of our customers in 1 to 3 days.

How can I pay;

You can pay in 3 different ways:

  • Payment via Paypal
  • Secure payment by card
  • Bank account deposit

Can I cancel my order?

If you send us an email within 24 hours to helpdesk@presettools.com we can refund the amount you deposited, reducing the return costs from the bank / Paypal if any.
After 24 hours from the day of deposit it is not possible to cancel the order because the design work will have already started.