An inexhaustible source of posing ideas

Easily photograph and pose women who are not models with the help of 50 poses and infinite combinations!

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One pack, Unlimited posing inspiration

Solve all the posing problems once and for all!


Different poses

Kickstart each photo shoot with 50 ready-made poses.


Different ways

To photograph and pose non-models


Combinations for new poses

Combine the poses. Get endless creative options



They solved the problem of posing. You;

Get the pack and discover a new way of posing

From 55,00 only 34.99

50 different poses to create stunning portraits

From 55,00 only 34.99

Start with 50 poses.
Create infinite variations.
Discover your own posing style.

In the Posing Inspiration Pack you will find  50 poses that can be used as they are, or be a starting point to build your own "arsenal" of poses.

You will also be able to create your own unique style in a very short time.

Less stress. More posing ideas. More remarkable photos!

With the Posing Inspiration Pack you will be able to pose non models effortlessly. 

In addition, with the help of the Posing Inspiration Deck you will be able to significantly increase the number of keeper photos from each session.

Get your pack and solve the posing riddle once and for all!

From 55,00 only 34.99

50 unique poses that you can always have with you!

The pack has the ideal size so you always have it with you!

5 in 5 photographers say that the biggest problem  in a portrait session is posing.

Posing a person that is not a professional model can be very difficult and can cause stress for both the photographer and the person that is getting photographed.

The Posing Inspiration Deck solves exactly this problem once and for all with a set of 50 unique poses, in easy-to-use card format.

We created 50 unique poses, especially for photographers that want to pose effectively females who are not models.

The poses are easy to use and will help you start taking beautiful photos in each session, quickly and effortlessly.

The poses are specially designed to be easily applicable by any photographer, with or without prior posing experience.

The Posing Inspiration Deck will make your life as a photographer easier, since you will be able to easily explain each pose by simply showing one of the carts.

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From 55,00 only 34.99

Our Promise!

You will never run out of posing ideas. You will never stress again in portrait photography.

Use the Posing Inspiration Pack to:

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From 55,00 only 34.99

Get your own posing package today, and start creating stunning portraits.

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From 55,00 only 34.99

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The package contains 50 unique poses.

Each pose is printed on 300 gram paper in the form of a card. The cards come in a handmade custom made box.

Each pose has been photographed by us, with the same model.

The shipment is made by ELTA Couriers and reaches the hands of our customers in 1 to 3 days.

You can pay in 3 different ways:

  • Payment via Paypal
  • Secure payment by card
  • Bank account deposit
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