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Do you want to have an inspirational composition guide with you, every time you go for a photo-shoot,  that can help you take  amazing photos?

Then you need our brand new Photo Bits Composition Guide!

This unique photography guide will be your personal photo mentor that will inspire you with 30 composition techniques and more than 120 practical examples & photo ideas!

The guide will be available as a digital PDF that you can download and use instantly, at a super early bird discount for the first 500 digital copies.

1. Title of the composition technique

See what composition technique you will learn from each card at a glance.

2. A description of the composition technique

Detailed description about the composition technique that you will learn from each card.

3. Skills that you will learn

See what photo composition skills you will learn from each card / lesson.

4. Strato’s Pro Tip

A very important tip / advice that you should always remember when you are taking photos using a composition rule.

5. Practical tips and ideas

Advice and ideas for each composition technique. Learn what to do and what  to avoid, each time you take photos while using a composition technique.

6. Practical examples

Real world examples that will educate and inspire you in order to help you take better photos, with the photography gear you already own.

7. Photo Ideas / Missions

Learn how to apply each composition technique with ideas and photo missions that will guide you and help you apply what you have learned in the real world.

8. Evaluation system

Evaluate how you did through a series of questions designed to help you evaluate your new composition skills.