A photography guide with 30 composition techniques cards that will improve the way you take photos forever!

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Do you want to have an inspirational composition guide with you, every time you go for a photo-shoot,  that can help you take  amazing photos?

Then you need our brand new Photo Bits Composition Guide!

This unique photography guide will be your personal photo mentor that will inspire you with 30 composition techniques and more than 120 practical examples & photo ideas!

The guide will be available as a digital PDF that you can download and use instantly, at a super early bird discount for the first 500 digital copies.

Photo Bits is an innovative guide that will teach you 30 photography composition techniques in no time!

For the first time you can learn how to place, frame and portraits, landscapes, objects, street photos and anything else that comes to mind, with amazing results!

And all this with  just 4 simple steps!

How does our Photography Composition Guide work?

1. Choose a card with the composition technique you want to learn

Choose one of the 30 cards that has all the information and examples that you need!

2. Study the practical advice and examples

See the tips, examples and photos that will help you master the composition technique, fast.

3. Take some photos!

Start taking photos by applying all the tips and advice you just learned, according to the inspirational photo missions each card has.

4. Evaluate the results

Answer the evaluation questions that you will find on the card and see how you did!

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Learn 30 photography composition techniques FAST and create amazing photos with the gear you already own.

The Photo Bits composition guide will help you learn how to take beautiful photos, the right way, through 30 practical ideas and photography composition techniques.

We designed this guide for you, in order to be able to have it always with you, whenever you are our taking photos.

It’s like having an instructor always with you, to guide and help you create amazing photos.



Learn 30 composition techniques and unlock endless ideas and combinations for even more creativity.



Learn fast through practical, real world examples, with all the proper accompanying photos and composition information.



Over 145 ideas and photo missions to get inspired and learn by taking photos.



Find out right away if you applied correctly each composition rule with the self-evaluation questions that you will find on every card.

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Who is this guide for?

The Photo Bits photography composition guide is ideal for photographers of all levels who want to improve their skills, their composition skills and their personal photography style, FAST, and start taking AMAZING photos with the gear they already own.

Do you want to learn 30 photo composition techniques QUICKLY?

Now you can do so with our guide’s new and creative composition techniques that you can master and apply immediately!

Want to learn new styles of photography?

Our photography guide can help you by providing dozens of new photography ideas and also practical instructions!

Do you want to see HUGE improvement in your photos IMMEDIATELY?

Now you can do through more than 100+ practical examples and photos that will teach you how to better compose your photos, with amazing results.

Do you want to make learning and photography easy and fun again?

The photo missions that you will find on each composition card, will help you do just that, by inspiring you to go out and take fresh photos!

A photography composition learning system that will inspire you to go out and learn while having fun by taking amazing photos!

You can print the guide or have it with you in digital format on your phone & tablet. The choice is yours!

The 30 composition cards can always be with you! They will inspire you to go out with your camera, and also guide you in order to learn, create and have a great time taking photos!

Now you can learn by taking photos out in the field, in your house, out at the park or anywhere else!

How to use lines as a tool for beautiful compositions

Composition Rule # 01

Take creative photos using color contrast

Composition Rule # 03

Create compositions with depth by using layers

Composition Rule # 12

Lenses and their effect on composition

Composition Rule # 13

Powerfull compositions with the rule of threes

Composition Rule # 21

How to use curves for dynamic compositions

Composition Rule # 23

Use spiral lines for intenresting compositions

Composition Rule # 26

Tonal contrast as a composition tool for cinematic photos

Composition Rule # 30

The anatomy of each photo composition technique card

Each card is a complete composition lesson. Here are all the details.

1. Title of the composition technique

See what composition technique you will learn from each card at a glance.

2. A description of the composition technique

Detailed description about the composition technique that you will learn from each card.

3. Skills that you will learn

See what photo composition skills you will learn from each card / lesson.

4. Strato’s Pro Tip

A very important tip / advice that you should always remember when you are taking photos using a composition rule.

5. Practical tips and ideas

Advice and ideas for each composition technique. Learn what to do and what  to avoid, each time you take photos while using a composition technique.

6. Practical examples

Real world examples that will educate and inspire you in order to help you take better photos, with the photography gear you already own.

7. Photo Ideas / Missions

Learn how to apply each composition technique with ideas and photo missions that will guide you and help you apply what you have learned in the real world.

8. Evaluation system

Evaluate how you did through a series of questions designed to help you evaluate your new composition skills.

Frequently asked questions

In what form is the guide available? Print or Digital?

Our guide is available as a digital, immediate download PDF file. You will get the download link and instructions by email once you complete your purchase.

What does each card contain?

Each card is a complete photo composition lesson with ideas, examples, instructions and photo missions that provide knowledge, practice guides and inspiration.

Are they suitable for beginners?

Of course! Our cards do not require previous photographic knowledge and are written in a simple and fun way! No technical jargon here!

Who is the creator of Photo Bits?

The cards have been created by award-winning photographer and educator Strato Agiani, founder of Preset Tools and CraftiusPRO the largest online photography educational platform in Greece with more than 12.000 students.

Why this guide is not in the form of a book?

The cards have the following advantages: you can learn the composition techniques in any order you like, you can always have them with you and you can print and take with you just one or only as many as you need to, when you go out to take photos.

Is the guide suitable for my camera?

The largest portion of the information you will find in our composition guide ( more than 96% ) is not camera specific. If you are shooting with a DSLR camera, Mirrorless camera , or even a phone, you will find these composition techniques immensely helpful.

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