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Surely you have heard about Lightroom Presets and all the benefits they offer.

Although sometimes some of these benefits may sound excessive, there are certainly many of them that are actually true.

That is why in this article we want to present 11 real and tangible benefits that Lightroom Presets offer to a photographer: from benefits related to reducing time spend on editing to the so-called Quality Of Life benefits.


So let’s begin.

1. You can literally save hours of editing

Lightroom Presets are the number one way to speed up photo editing. Why; Because they allow you to edit hundreds of photos with a few clicks, saving literally hours of photo editing. You can apply a preset with the appropriate settings to a photo of a session and then copy the settings from that photo and apply them to hundreds of photos with a single copy paste. So for example you can quickly edit photos that have been taken in the same place with similar lighting, easily and quickly (for example all photos in a church, all the photos in the house of the bride / groom, all the photos on a next day session location etc).

2. You have more time to grow your business

What can you do with all those hours you saved from editing? Well, you can devote time to the development of your business. More free time means more time for client meetings, social media posts or just more time for you and your family. Not bad at all!

3. Predictable results and some hidden benefits

With Lightroom Presets you can get predictable results every time. In other words, you know exactly what you will get each time. This offers some additional hidden advantages such as the fact that you do not waste time experimenting. Also you will notice that many times you will be able to quickly choose where and how to photograph based on what result you can get with your Presets and their final results. Finally you can show exactly what the final result will be to the client, meaning that you can avoid misunderstandings that arise from what the customer “thought” would receive and what actually receives.

4. Customer meetings made easy

With the right Lightroom Presets you can create a photo library / sample book and show it to your customers for them to be able to understand their choices in editing style, but also to allow them to know beforehand what they will receive in terms of overall style, with great precision. This saves you time and money. Time because you no longer need to deal with a customer after the photoshoot who “thought” he would get an X result while you delivered a Y result. Money because you reduce to a minimum or almost to a zero the possibility of re-editing, and therefore it’s cost, since the customers already know what they will get after the whole editing process is completed.



5. Uniformity between photos

Have you ever had photos from a session that did not have the exact same color grading? I bet they looked extremely unprofessional, especially when the photos were placed side by side on let’s say an album or portfolio blog post. In such cases Lightroom Presets come to the rescue. With the right Lightroom Presets you can ensure uniformity across all photos, thus achieving an extremely professional look, especially to the client’s eyes. Believe us, no customer wants to see a series of wedding photos that have an inconsistent look that is all over the place.

6. You can create a Personal Style, faster

With the help of the appropriately tweaked Lightroom Presets you can quickly create a personal editing style that will give a coherence to your body of work. This will make you stand out from the competition and help you attract clients that are really interested in your own unique style of shooting and editing. You can have a really significant competitive advantage, right there. Extra bonus: when someone comes across a photo of yours will know that it is probably yours, because of the editing style. This will significantly strengthen your photography brand, especially on Social Media.

7. Learn new Color Grade techniques, fast

All Lightroom Presets allow you to see the exact settings they use on each slider and tool Lightroom has to offer. This means that you can quickly learn how to create a specific color grade and then start creating your own variations or completely new Presets from scratch! How awesome is that!

8. You can create a new source of income

If you have a large enough audience that follows you on Social Media, you can take use the previous advantage (creating your own Presets) commercially. How; By making them available for purchase! You can use one of the many platforms that allow the sale of digital products or create a small eshop within your website, and promote them on Facebook or Instagram in order to start selling.



9. Low cost investment with great benefits

Lightroom Presets are a low cost investment compared to what they offer. This gives you the opportunity with very little money to upgrade your photographic workflow, save time, be ahead of the competition, etc. In addition you can get a wide range of presets that will help you to undertake and respond to any photographic challenge or Project.

10. Unified style on mobile and desktop

Modern Lightroom Presets can be used both on desktop environment and on Mobile. This means that the photos you take with your camera or mobile phone can have the same quality style and uniformity. This is especially important if you take a lot of photos with your mobile phone and you want to post these photos on social media, next to the photos you take with your camera.

11. Creative solutions for every type of photography

There are Lightroom Presets for every type of photography. You will find Lightroom Presets for weddings, portraits, food photography, interior design photography, product photography and many other types of photography. This means that you can find a Lightroom Preset package that will perfectly match the subject matter you are photographing. This means that you can quickly get amazing results in a kind of photography that you are now starting to explore.


So these are the 11 real world advantages that we consider important for a photographer. We are sure that all photographers have something to gain from the proper use of the appropriate Lightroom Presets.

Since you made it this far we would like to thank you by offering you a free Startup package with 10 professional Lightroom Presets. Just click on the image below and get them now, completely free!

Thanks for your time and happy editing!


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